Sunday, 10 August 2014

My Everyday Makeup: Back to Basics

It's funny how my everyday makeup reflects where I am in my life. Back in junior year of high school 3-4 years ago, I would always be sporting a super smokey eye à la Kardashians. I was extremely insecure about my acne prone skin, feeling the need to coat my skin in a super thick layer of foundation and a ton of eyeshadow so everyone would focus on my eyes, not my skin.

Face: Let's start with the base. I often just use an under-eye concealer and a bit of powder on a day-to-day basis. Currently, I'm using Benefit's Erase Paste to conceal; nothing fabulous but it does the job. When I do use a base, it's often a mix of the Nars Sheer Glow Foundation in Gogi and the Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation in 5.5. At first, I wasn't totally sold on Luminous Silk because the finish was a bit too glowy for me. When mixed in with Nars Sheer Glow, this has become my favourite combination as it forms the perfect colour and finish for my skin. To brighten my under eye, I add a tiny bit of Benefit High Beam to the inner quarter beneath my eye.

Cheek: I'm not a cheek person so let's skip to eyes!

Eyes: Usually, this section would be filled with a jazillion different products. Recently, I've been keeping it simple with just MAC's Rubenesque Paint Pot and Silk Teddy (from Too Faced's Natural Eyes Palette) all over the lid. Then, I add a thin line of liquid eyeliner (Loreal Lineur Intense Brush Tip) with a barely there flick and a few coats of Illegal Length mascara from Maybelline (one of my faves).

Lips: I love a good tinted lip balm and Soap & Glory's A Good Kisser in Juicy Peach is no exception. This lip balm hydrates your lips, adds a lovely pinky-nude glossy finish, and smells like a peach farm! I've been obsessed ever since I got it.

Yes, a lot of products for a natural look. If you made it this far, congrats! I truly mean it.


  1. You have gorgeous skin! Beautiful! I've never thought of mixing foundations together, so I should try to do that next time. Great post, Jennifer!

    1. You're too sweet! You definitely should try mixing foundations. I went from hating a few to loving them in combinations