Friday, 18 December 2015

The End of My Love Affair with Tory Burch Shoes

Anyone who knows me knows about my obsession love for Tory Burch, especially their shoes! The ones pictured are less than half my collection, as I have more at my house at school, and my boots in the shoe repair shop. Needless to say, I have a Tory Burch shoe problem.

What made me first fall in love with my first pair of Tory's (metallic pewter Revas) were their gorgeous design and quality leather. Although most of Tory's shoes aren't the most comfortable at first, they break in and become liveable. My first pair of Tory's are still in tip top condition, my other shoes not so much...

I'm super careful with my shoes and have never had my shoes form a hole or have the soles break off. When I noticed a hole forming in my suede Tory Burch boots, I shrugged it off as just a bad pair of shoes or the material being more delicate than normal. When my black flats and my leather boots formed this same problem where the soles first began breaking off, I knew it couldn't be a coincidence.

Although getting the soles of a pair shoes repaired isn't the end of the world and is a pretty quick fix, it does get expensive when countless pairs of shoes require fixing. Unfortunately, the quality of these shoes no longer fit the price which is why I am now forced to break up with my love Tory. I'm sorry Tory, your designs are beautiful but you're no longer worth it.

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