Sunday, 13 July 2014

Food For Thought: Museum Tavern

Last weekend was my birthday weekend. To celebrate, I spent it in my favourite way: eating, shopping, and doing nothing. Since Summerlicious started in Toronto, my boyfriend decided to surprise me by taking me to one of its featured restaurants, Museum Tavern.

Honestly speaking, I wasn't too excited to dine at this place at first because the pictures made the place look slightly dingy and old. Boy was I wrong! The environment was quite romantic looking but formal attire was not necessary. As always, I was overdressed in a black lace pleated dress; likely to make an appearance in the near future on this blog.

Albacore Tuna Tartare Tostada
For starters, I chose the Albacore Tuna Tartare Tostada. I thought the bitterness of the cilantro balanced the slight tanginess from the raw tuna perfectly. I'm not a fan of anything pickled but the pickled red cabbage added a good texture, I didn't hate it and that says a lot from me. The tostada was quite unnecessary as it made the starter difficult to eat but I guess it gave it a nice crunch.

House Crafted Summer Game Sausage
The entree is where things got interesting. Being the adventurous person I am, I decided to try the sausage made from wild boar, elk, and lamb. Eating this sausage made me feel primal, like I was eating roadkill. Yes, that sounds really harsh but I think it was just the texture of the sausage - all hard and chewy- that made it less enjoyable. The side made of spinach, spaetzle, and the tavern sauce was delicious and totally made up for the sausage. PS, there was no way to make the picture of this entree look more appetizing, believe me I tried.

Peach Sorbet

Dessert was exactly as it looked, pretty average but still tasty. What I found strange was the fact that the sorbet didn't taste at all like peach, just fruity but undistinguishable of what fruit.

Overall, Museum Tavern turned out a lot better than my expectations. I wouldn't try the game sausage again and wouldn't advise you to either, but the bite I had of my boyfriend's ribs was great!

Have you tried any of this year's Summerlicious picks? If so, what were your favourites?

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  1. Happy Belated Birthday, Jennifer! :) all the best wishes!